Mabon’s Path

A young woman’s journey through Azeroth.

A Change of Scene April 27, 2007

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The troll had allowed Mabon to keep a small bag with some food in it. She pulled out a piece of spice bread that she had made to give to Azzure during the long trip north. It was damp and soggy, but she wolfed it down anyway. The raised voices had given way to guttural sounds and mellifluous words – that must be the troll and blood elf speaking to each other. Shuffling sounds came down the narrow passageway, and the troll filled the space as he came into view, even bent over as he walked. A large knife in one hand, he grabbed Mabon’s wrist with the other. His grip was so powerful, Mabon felt powerless to resist, and followed him down the passageway, feeling her way along with her free hand. When they reached the entrance to the cave, he yanked Mabon in front of him, and threw her to the ground.

Mabon yelped from the pain of landing and from the pain of the bright sun after so many hours in darkness. The blood elf was standing nearby, her bow drawn and pointed at Mabon. She laughed at the girl’s discomfort. The troll bound Mabon’s wrists together, and picked her up like a sack of grain, tossing over the back of his raptor. He mounted, placing one of his legs across her back, so she was unable to move or fight. The beast took off with a grunt from its rider, and Mabon thought her teeth might just rattle from her head.

She must have lost consciousness at some point, because it seemed a short time later that Mabon was dumped unceremoniously at the feet of a human, dressed head to toe in scarlet. Mabon gasped, and staggered to her feet. She looked around the courtyard, and saw many more scarlet-clad men and women, some in robes, some in armor, all bearing the tabard of the Scarlet Crusade!


Mabon Lightpath

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Mabon strolls along Lake Everstill.

Mabon often strolls along Lake Everstill in the evenings. Having grown up in Redridge, she loves this lake and feels safe here, among childhood friends. However, the bucolic setting offers little excitement, and Mabon is always looking for adventure!


Taken! April 26, 2007

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Mabon woke on the damp, cold floor of a cave, with nightmarish images whirling through her head. She sat up, and tried to wipe the cobwebs of sleep from her eyes. Every bone in her body ached, as if she’d fallen from a gryphon. No! Not a gryphon! A hawkstrider! Memories poured into her head, and a wave of nausea flowed over her. Garnil! Teul! Had they survived? She remembered falling to the ground, and trying to hide. Then, an arm reached down and grabbed her, pulling her atop of the blood elf’s hawkstrider.

Unsure of what happened next, Mabon looked around and tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Did the horde know of her plans? Or was it a random attack? What of the black tauren on the road? Had he been a spy? The questions whirled around her head and the nausea returned. She rubbed her head, and a large lump hinted at why the events were so blurry.

Raised voices sent shivers of fear down her spine. What were they saying? What was to become of her? She put her hand out, unthinking, to stroke Mouse’s fur. Mouse! To lose him again so quickly drove her to tears. Mabon sobbed, sinking down to the floor. This was all more than she could take. All alone, scared, hurt… Mabon longed for the comforts of home, for the safety she had known, for the voice of the man she missed so deeply.


The Trip North April 25, 2007

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The day begins bright and sunny. Mabon wakes to find her cat, Mouse, licking her nose. Again showing his thoughtful nature, Azzure had wandered the Cut-Throat Alley district where her room had been, searching for her pet that she had left behind. She hugged her cat, burying her face in its soft fur, but it was not Mouse’s name she murmured. She rose and dressed in her leathers, then realized she had the entire day to wait before her trip North began! She packed and re-packed her meager belongings, trying to fill the time. Finally, she could wait no longer. Slipping easily past her guards for the last time, she flew to Menethil Harbor. She gave the tavern a wide berth, and went to see the tanner, James Halloran. He paid well for crocolisk skins, and she wanted to see if he had any work for her. He was in need of not just crocolisk, but raptor skins as well, as he had a special order he needed to fill.

Mabon set out happily into the same swamp that had been a scene of terror for her just a few nights earlier. She had never been one to stay upset for long, or dwell on troublesome events. She had grown up with a father in near-constant danger, and had become accustomed to putting aside her fears. A few hours later, bags full of leathers, she glanced up to see Garnil upon his horse, watching her from a small hill nearby. Swallowing hard, she gave him a meek wave. He rode over to her. “Your fighting is coming along nicely, lass.”

“Um.. how long have you been there?” she asked.

He gave her a chuckle. “I thought you were supposed to notice things like that? Are you ready to go? Where’s Bjorke?”

Mabon shrugged. “She said she had business to attend to, and would meet us en route.” She looked around. Her guildmate, Teul, was nearby as well. She wondered if his healing spells had been making her task so easy the last hour. There was no sign of Azzure. Sighing, she said, yes. She was ready.

Garnil scouted ahead along the road, and Teul stayed right behind Mabon as she ran. As they approached Thandol Span, Mabon stopped. “Teul, I have a bad feeling. The hair on the back of my neck is standing up.” Garnil was still a short distance ahead of them, and Teul urged her forward.

“We’d best keep moving, Miss.”

Just on the other side of the bridge, in Arathi Highlands, a black tauren sat on a rock. Mabon had seen very few of them in her sheltered life, and was very curious. “Miss,” said Teul, “keep moving.”

“Do you think he’s a spy?”

“They are all spies, Miss.” They moved forward, towards Garnil’s position, and the tauren followed them, keeping his distance. Teul finally decided that enough was enough, and went after the tauren, weapon drawn. Just then, Mabon shrieked! A troll and blood elf and their pets came towards her from behind the bushes. Teul turned and ran towards the hunters, and Garnil spurred his horse to a gallop. The troll and blood elf set their pets on the men, as they kept their distance and fired. Coming to her senses, Mabon turned and ran into the field. She looked back to see the fight, and tripped and fell. She tried to blend into the shadows, as the minutes crawled past, holding her breath when her comrades fell in battle.



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Mabon is so excited to be going to see her uncle! He will meet her and her escorts in Refuge Point, and take her from there up to his home near Gavin’s Nave. She will stay there, in complete safety, with her Momma, Daddy, and uncle Sven.

As she readies for the trip, she debates what she should wear. This is a special occassion, so perhaps she should wear her dress – especially given who is among her escort. She blushes at the thought. However, her armor may be the more prudent choice. It could be a dangerous journey. Mabon takes the time to clean and polish her leathers, and clean her weapons. She giggles a bit cleaning the rolling pin, but knows that it has proved a formidable weapon. Momma always said it was the only thing to control Uncle Sven’s buddies after they’d been in the stout!

She enjoys this giddy feeling. For the first time in weeks, she sings as she works. The prospect of a journey with friends (and protectors), seeing her family, and end to this madness all combine to lighten her mood.

And then a thought hits her, and she is sullen once more. While she will be safe, and with family, she will be away from her guildmates…. and from Azzure… for who knows how long? Her heart saddens again, and she tries to finish her tasks.


I am not a spy!

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Several days pass without incident. Mabon has been staying with childhood friends in Lakeshire, whiling away her days hunting boars, and using the locked boxes in the lake to improve her lockpicking skills. Mabon sees neither her “protector,” Azzure, nor Bjorke as the days pass. She is under the watchful eye of the other holy knights, and of course, the nearly-invisible men under Bjorke’s employ. Growing bored and restless once again, she evades her armor-plated guard, and flys to Stormwind. Thrilled to see friends, and shop for new clothes, she enjoys her precious freedom!

Suddenly chilled, Mabon shivers, as if a cloud has passed overhead. But it’s a clear, sunny day. The hairs on the back of her neck prickle. Mabon’s mother, Aelsa, has always said the girl was intuitive, and should pay attention to such signals. She hurries back to the safety of Lakeshire. When Bjorke hears of the girl’s disobedience, she scolds the girl harshly, trying to drive home the point of remaining under guard for safety. The words fall on deaf ears, however, and the very next day, Mabon heads for Menethil Harbor, hoping to pick up some work, and find some skins to sell.

Arriving in Deepwater Tavern, Mabon overhears two men speaking. “A spy, you say?” says the first man. The second, a dwarf, confirms that yes, there is indeed a spy around. Mabon tries to look inconspicuously about the tavern, then decides that getting out of there is a better plan. She heads to the door, and breaks into a run. Just then, she hears a voice yelling for her to stop! Adrenaline hits her system, and she runs even faster, yelling for help. The two men are closing fast, as Mabon heads for the swamp. Just as she manages to contact her guildmate, Teul, and tell him she needs help, the black-haired man tackles her, knocking her to the ground. Mabon begins to cry, certain her life is about to end. The men demand to know who she is, and what she is doing. They think *she* is the spy! Telling them her first name only, she claims to be going to meet a boy, and thought the men were sent from her father’s enemies to kill her. That’s why she ran. The man boasted that if he, The Rainbow Rogue, had been sent to kill her, she would be dead already! He draws his weapons, and Mabon covers her eyes in fear. Where was Teul? Was she to die out her in the swamp? A voice comes to her ear: “I’m almost there.” Teul! Heartened, she dares open her eyes, but the strange man is walking away. She tries to fade into the shadows, and suddenly he is gone!

He re-appears, right next to her, saying: You didn’t think that would work, now, did you? And laughs at her. He taunts her some more, hurling insults before heading back to Menethil. Teul arrives, and escorts her safely back to Lakeshire. Sir Keeshan arrives to make sure she is safe and well, and to ensure a guard is posted. As usual, Azzure’s manner is kind and gentle, even when irritated with the girl’s headstrong nature, and knack for finding trouble. He asks Mabon if she is hurt, and she rubs her hip unconsciously, wincing in pain. Using his healing powers, he gently presses on her hip, sending soothing relief into her body. However, Mabon was unprepared for such an intimate gesture, no matter how well meaning! Startled, she jumps away, and sits down again, gingerly, vowing not to let on what other parts are bruised and aching.



In-Game Fun

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Mabon’s story has taken on a real-World-of-Warcraft life of it’s own! In-game events are happening, some planned, some spontaneous. This post is similar to one posted to the Blackwater Raiders forum at

There is treachery afoot! Revenge, jealousy and and a touch of insanity all add up to a rousing good time! Who is to be trusted? Whose alliances will be tested? Will good triumph over evil? And how can you tell when good crosses the line in the pursuit of justice? A young maid’s life hangs in the balance…

The story so far: Mabon Lightpath has left home, sneaking out in the middle of the night, to escape her father’s pressure to become a Holy Knight of the Argent Dawn, following in his footsteps. She finds work and a guild-family in Stormwind, and quite happily begins a life of adventure and derring-do!

Soon, however, she notices she is being followed. Her father has sent disciples to watch over her, and keep her from harm. She resents the intrusion, and gives them the slip to adventure on her own as often as possible, sometimes leading them on a merry hide-and-seek chasing game before running off, laughing. A head-strong girl, she asks for help from her guildmates, to rid her of this nuisance. Bjorke Aurelius, a self-proclaimed herbalist, steps up, and takes Mabon under her protection. Bjorke hides the girl, telling her that her life is in danger, and tries to make her relinquish all contact with her friends, for her own safety. Mabon resents this even more, and not realizing how much danger she is really in, continues to slip out, with the help of one of her father’s men – a dashing young Holy Knight named Azzure Keeshan.

Rumors have begun to circulate through the Brotherhood of the Light that the Scarlet Crusade has decided to derail the Brotherhood’s tactics by going after the daughter of Stenholm Lightpath. Fearing for his daughter’s safety, Sir Lightpath doubles the guards on his daughter, hoping to keep her safe.

On the day of his Knighting, Azzure overhears a conversation between Bjorke and a member of the Scarlet Crusade! Could the young girl’s protector really be endangering her? He tells her father what he has heard, and Sir Lightpath tries to reassure him that he has confidence in the protection offered by the Holy Knights. However, he says he will arrange for the girl to go visit her mother and an old family friend.