Mabon’s Path

A young woman’s journey through Azeroth.

Shopping May 29, 2007

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“Darling, I have some shopping I have to do, and I want your help.”

“Anything for you, my love. What are we shopping for?” Kelandros’ voice had an indulgent tone, knowing Mabon’s penchant for shopping. “More new dresses?”

“No, darling. I need a horse,” Mabon said grinning.

“May, that’s wonderful! Congratulations on gaining your 40th season! You certainly have been working hard.” His pride in Mabon had him beaming. “Where shall we go to look?”

As they approached the stables in Menethil Harbor, one of the hands was putting a Chestnut mare through her paces. “Oh, Kel! I like that one! She’s beautiful!” Mabon watched the horse for a few minutes. “There’s a black one in the barn I like, too.”

Kel pointed at the black stallion. “He’s a fine horse, and you do look good in black.”

“But the other one matches my hair…”

Chuckling, Kel said, “I was just thinking that.”

Mabon went back and forth between the two horses. Then she spied a white one in the corner. “Oh, I wonder if he’s for sale!”

Kel walked over to the breeder to speak with him, but came back, shaking his head. “Sorry, my love.”

Shrugging, Mabon looked again at the Chestnut. “That one. I want her.” She mounted, and instantly the horse reared up. “Whoa!” she cried. “Steady, girl!” Mabon loosed the reins a bit, giving the horse her head. The mare settled, nickering quietly. Mabon spoke quietly to her, calming her. After a few minutes, they seemed to adjust to each other. “Ok, girl, let’s see what you can do!” Mabon gave the mare a light kick in the flanks, and urged her towards the fence. The mare cleared the rails easily, and Mabon laughed with giddiness. Kel smiled, watching her enjoying the new sensations. Mabon took the horse around again, laughing the entire time.

“What will you name her?” Kel asked.

“Oh, I don’t know… it will take me some time to think up a name. I had Mouse for two weeks before I named him.” The mare reared a few more times. “She certainly is feisty!”

“Careful, love. I wouldn’t want you to get thrown.”

Sighing in exasperation, Mabon said, “I’ll be fine, my darling.” Then she smiled when he laughed at her.


Blue Boys and Pink Girls

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For the next few days, Mabon never left his side, except when his mother came to perform more healing rituals. She bathed his face and chest with wet cloths, helped him drink water, and as he grew stronger, fetched him food. When Kelandros objected to her attentions, Mabon knew it was a sign of recovery.

On the third day, Mabon returned from an errand to find Kel sitting in the Temple. “Darling! Should you be up and about?”

Kel smiled at her. “I am fine, my love. Just a bit sore, is all.” He slowly stood up, trying not to grimace in pain. Kel took her hand and led her outside to the edge of the terrace. Side by side they stood, each just happy to be with the other. “It’s a lovely evening.”

“Yes, but it could be nicer… it could be raining,” Mabon giggled at their private joke. “It’s just a week now, my darling, until our wedding.” Mabon’s said excitedly.

Kel drew her close, wrapping his arms around her. “Yes, love. I am eager as well.” His voice was deep and husky. He bent his head so he could whisper in her ear. “Have you given any thought to what our children will look like?” His innocent question was couched in a passionate tone.

Mabon turned in his arms so she was facing him, her hands on his chest. She tilted her head to look up at him. “I … uh…no… I haven’t thought about it… much…” she lied, her face blushing pink.

Kelandros smiled down at her, knowing the source of her embarrassment. “Will they have my skin tone, or yours, I wonder?” His eyes twinkled.

“I… don’t know… some of each, maybe? Blue boys and pink girls?” Mabon smiled back at him.

Chuckling, Kel said, “Some of each? How many are you thinking, love?”

“Oh… how’s a dozen or so sound?” Mabon asked mischievously. “Did you know that rain is an ancient sign of fertility?”

Lowering his head, Kel kissed her, tenderly at first, then more passionately, allowing his frustration at their time apart to show. When he released his embrace, he managed to whisper, “That loft where I was… did you like it, May?”

Taken aback by the odd turn of the conversation, Mabon thought a moment. It did have a lovely view, with a terrace that ran around the building. The furnishings were nice, if a little spare. But it was easy to find, even for Mabon, and close to the bank and the auction house. “Yes, darling, it was very nice.”

“Good, I was hoping we could live there… after we are wed, of course. But you may live there now, if you like.”

Mabon nodded, “Let’s go now…and look at our new home.”


Vigil May 28, 2007

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“Mabon, I have news of Kelandros.” Laiyne sounded very excited as she contacted Mabon. “I used my contacts with the Sisterhood, and went to Shattrath to assist in his healing. He was moved to Darnassus as soon as he was well enough, so his mother could use her healing powers.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Mabon asked, “Oh, thank the Light! Does this mean I can see him now?”

“Yes, you may see him. He is no longer guarded, and the priests have been told to allow you to visit him.”

“Oh, Laiyne! Thank you! I will head there now!” Mabon put on the dress that Kel had given her – a green one that had been his mother’s. She folded away her priest’s robe into a chest in her room, and headed for the flight master.

Mabon ran to the loft where Kel was resting. When she arrived, she had to clasp her hand over her mouth to keep from gasping out loud. He lay on the bed, pale, his face drawn. Mabon slowly and silently moved around the bed, and knelt down, not wanting to disturb him. She watched him sleep, noting how shallow his breathing was.

She sat there as the time passed, not moving, waiting. When he finally stirred, she said quietly, “I’m here, Kel.” He began to cough violently, and Mabon fetched a cup of water from a nearby table. Putting her hand behind his head, she held the cup to his lips when the coughing stopped. He took a few sips, and coughed again. Mabon spied a wash basin and cloth, so she wet it, and wiped his mouth and face.

“May…” he whispered hoarsely.

“Shhhh, darling. Don’t try to talk. I’m here, love.” Mabon sat next to him, and gently took his hand in hers, so he would know she was there. He drifted off to sleep again, while Mabon kept vigil at his side.


Shattrath May 26, 2007

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Stepping through the portal, Mabon found herself in the heart of Shattrath City. From beneath her hood, she peered out at the strange sights around her. Her blood chilled at the sight of so many Blood Elves, but they seemed not to even notice her. Quietly, she moved towards the elevator. Sven had told her where to go, and she kept her head down as she made her way to the Scryer’s Tier. As she approached the area where Kel was supposed to be, she held her breath and tried to look as if she belonged there. Just another healer coming to tend the injured. Desperately she hoped no one would notice she was much shorter than the night elves.

Mabon made her way to the inner sanctum without anyone stopping her. Amazed, she looked around, trying to find the room where her beloved lay. Room after room, with no sign of Kelandros. Panic rose in her. Where was he? Was she too late? Was he…. Mabon tried to push those thoughts from her head. She saw two Kaldorei priests speaking in a corner. Moving as close she could without attracting attention, she tried to make out what they were saying. If only Kel had taught her more of his language! She tilted her head down, but raised her eyes to see their faces. The two women hadn’t noticed her as they were deep in their own conversation.

“Anu’shan talah… “ said the first priest.

“Fanass… dieb… Thalas…” Mabon caught part of the response. … Thalas… that means ‘homeland.’

Nodding, the first priest said, “Nal … ishnu… Tyrande….”

Tyrande! That was Kel’s mother’s name… had he been moved to Darnassus, so his mother could tend to him? Mabon left the pair, and looked in the other rooms, but saw no sign of her betrothed. What should she do now? If she was caught in Shattrath, trying to see Kel, she would be put to death. Was he now in Darnassus? Without knowing where he was, there was nothing she could do. With a heavy heart, she returned to Stormwind, and spent a fitful night in the Inn, with Mouse by her side, instead of her beloved.


Her Mother’s Daughter May 25, 2007

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Mabon flew to Alterac, and hurried to see her parents at Uncle Sven’s home. She was not surprised to find that Daddy was away on business, but her Momma and Uncle Sven listened as she poured her heart out to them. Aelsa hugged her close, and exchanged a meaningful glance with the dwarf by her side. Sveghadhan (Sven to his friends) left the pair alone.

“Momma, I must see him! Please… help me think of a way I can get there, and in to see him.”

Aelsa searched her daughter’s face, and saw the depth of her fear, and love, for her Kelandros. She sighed deeply, knowing what she was about to say would help her daughter, but would also hurt her, and possibly end Aelsa’s marriage if her husband discovered the truth.

“Mabon… I have an idea… but… I need to tell you something first.” She lowered her eyes, unable to meet the young woman’s curious gaze. “When I met Stenholm…” she paused.

“Yes, you were about to take your vows, and enter the priesthood. I know.” Mabon’s voice was impatient.

“Well… not exactly.” She sighed again. “I was just… posing as a novice. I was undercover.” She paused to let the words sink in. “I work for Ravenholdt. I’m a rogue.”

Puzzlement swept over Mabon’s face. Then horror and revulsion. She pulled away from her mother, as if the woman had turned into a monster before her eyes. “What… how… I…” Mabon stammered, unable to speak all the thoughts in her head.

“Darling, I know you are confused. I’m sorry I hid this from you all these years. But Stenholm… well, you know how he feels about rogues. I was undercover when I met him, as I said, and I thought it best to just keep that part of my life to myself. Sven and I…”

Mabon interrupted, “Uncle Sven? He’s a rogue, too?” Mabon’s world was crumbling around her, and she was struggling to hang on.

Aelsa nodded. “Mabon, we’ve been training you, teaching you, your entire life. You may not have realized it, but you and I are very much alike. Why do you think you are such a good fighter?” Aelsa beamed with pride at her daughter.

Unable to speak, or even think clearly, Mabon just sat, staring at the floor.

“I told you this for a reason, my darling. And not just because it was time you knew the truth. I know how you can get to see your Kelandros.” She reached out and gently clasped her daughter’s hand. “You can do as I did. Pose as a priest. I will get you a portal directly into the city, and you can be with him.” Aelsa rose, and walked to her bedchamber. Mabon followed her, not knowing what else to do. Kneeling in front of a chest, Aelsa opened it, rummaging through the garments and bedclothes stored in there. She pulled out a blue hooded robe that shimmered in the light. The fine silk was a priest’s robe, embroidered with healing symbols down the front. Next came a pair of brocade slippers. Aelsa put them in Mabon’s arms. “Here. Put these on, and I will arrange your portal.” She left Mabon alone to go and speak with Sven.

Mabon’s head reeled. Her mother… a rogue… Kel… not dead, but… posing as a priest…. Then, as suddenly as a clap of thunder, she knew she was her mother’s daughter. Quickly, she changed into the robe, concealing a dagger beneath it. She gazed at her reflection in the looking glass next to the door. She resembled the picture of her mother she had seen, from just before her wedding, but their features were different. Different hair color, different eyes. The same smile, but not the same.

Aelsa returned. “It’s arranged. Go to him now, my darling. Remember all that we have taught you.” Mabon looked at the woman, and smiled. Yes, she was her mother’s daughter indeed.


Grave News

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“He is not dead, but…” Mabon’s head spun as she read the letter from Ellassar. He had sent news that her beloved Kelandros had been gravely wounded in battle. Mabon did not know the man, except that he was a member of Sterling.

Mabon ran to the Pig & Whistle, to meet him, and learn more about Kel. Ellassar was drunk when she arrived, panting and out of breath. “Tell me more. You must know more than your letter said.” Her eye’s were filled with tears.

“And you are?” He looked up at her in a fog.

“I am Mabon. You sent me word of Kel.”

“Ah, Mabon Lightpath.”

Mabon had recognized his tabard, so knew to speak with him, but apparently he was too far in his cups to reason the same way with a plainly asked question. “Please, tell me what more you know. Where is he? I want to go to him.”

Ellassar shrugged at her. “I know nothing more.”

Furious with frustration, Mabon grabbed his arm and yelled, “You must know! How can you just sit there, drinking? Have you no feelings?” When he sat and continued to drink, Mabon could contain herself no longer. She turned to leave, not knowing where to go next, when he whispered hoarsely, “This place is too busy. We must speak privately.”

Mabon turned, nodded, and indicated for him to follow her. She contacted Laiyne, and asked her to meet them in the Dwarven district. Mabon led Ellassar to a small tavern. She waved at Wilder Thistlenettle and Brohann Caskbelly. To Ellassar she said, “We can speak freely here. These men are… cousins… of a sort.” The night elf appeared puzzled, but nodded. Mabon chose a table at the back of the second floor. Laiyne arrived, hugging Mabon, and joined them. The two night elves nodded at each other. “Please,” Mabon pleaded, “tell us what you know.”

He lowered his voice. “He is in Shattrath City, in the Scryer’s Tier. He is tended by priests, and no one may see him.”

Mabon and Laiyne exchanged glances. Laiyne’s face turned more pale as she recognized the glint in her friend’s eye. That could only mean trouble. “Mabon… you cannot… it is far too dangerous. Kel would not want your safety jeopardized.” But Mabon merely stood, and walked out of the inn. Laiyne thanked Ellassar for the information, and hurried after Mabon, but the determined young woman was already out of sight.


Bridesmaid’s Dresses May 23, 2007

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“Oh, Aska… what are you going to wear?” Mabon was close to tears with frustration. “Every dress I show you, you hate!”

“Sorry, Mabon… I guess I’m just not much of a dress-wearer. I could wear the mooncloth one…”

“Oh, no, you will not! I will not have you outshining me at my own wedding!” The two women laughed.

Aska sighed. “I’m sure we’ll find something we can agree on, Mabon. There’s still plenty of time.” Aska’s patience with her young friend was wearing thin. She was a dear girl, but did tend to love clothing more than reason. Aska sighed again, then smiled. “Let’s go to Darnassus. We’ll have lunch, then try out the new shop in the Tradesman’s Terrace.”

“I know that shop! I wanted to go there last time I was in Darnassus, but…” Mabon’s voice trailed off and she blushed.

“But Kel dragged you off to Moonglade again?” Aska grinned wickedly at the girl, enjoying making her squirm.

“He doesn’t drag me anywhere! I always go willingly!” Mabon suddenly realized how that might sound to someone as worldly as Askashia, and her face reddened even more.

Aska laughed at Mabon’s discomfort. “I’m only teasing you, dear. It’s just too much fun to see you blush!” The pair laughed again, then headed for the flight master, to head to Darnassus.