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Birth Announcement July 19, 2007

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Kelandros and Mabon Stormrage are pleased to announce

the arrival of the twins:

Arminas Stormrage


Finnall Aelsa Stormrage

Born July 16 at 4 am

Please join us in the celebration of this boy and girl addition to our family.


Surprise! July 18, 2007

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Mabon and Kel were at the auction house. She wanted to find a few more things for the dragons before they were born.

“Hello, Mabon.”

She turned, stunned to see Aelsa standing there. “Momma! What are you doing here?”

“I came to help you shop, of course!”

The two woman chatted over what the babies would need, deeply engrossed in the subject of blankets and footed-pajamas, while Kel looked on, amused.

“Hmm. You look tired, Mabon. Perhaps we should head for home,” Aelsa suggested.

The trio left the auction house, slowly making their way to the loft. Mabon waddled along, holding Kel’s arm, leaning on him slightly.

When they arrived at the loft, one of their guild mates, Arcadon, jumped out and yelled “Boo!” Then, suddenly, all the others appeared, coming out of the shadows. Mabon was startled, and instinctively stepped backwards. Kel’s reassuring hand on her back steadied her. When she realized she was surrounded by friends, she relaxed again.

“Surprise!” Aska said. “We are having a party for you!”

Mabon and Kel looked around. Dohom, Legonidas, Chera, Chirak, Whilst, Jean, Arcadon, Askashia, and even Commander Thunderman was there. They beamed at their friends, happy to be sharing the joy of their upcoming new additions.

Aska had arranged some party games, including Truth or Dare. While the group was laughing and talking, a large Tauren burst in, roaring at them all. Mabon screamed, trying to slip into shadow, terrified. The Tauren turned to her, staring right at her, and said, “Mabon, it’s ok… it’s me…” Mabon screamed again. Amid all the confusion, she heard someone say “Orb of Deception” and then the Tauren was gone, and a rather contrite Chirak in his place.

“I’m sorry, Mabon, I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

She tried to smile at him, but the incident had taken its toll. Mabon sat down quietly, sipping her bubbling water, and watched her friends return to their merriment. Her parties never seemed to end well, and Mabon did not want this one to be the same. She grabbed Kel’s hand, placing it on her belly, and gave him a look. But he just smiled, and nodded, thinking he was just feeling a kick from the dragons.

The games continued, and several duels were waged, including Kelandros versus Chirak. “Kill him!” Mabon called out to Kel, a bit too enthusiastically. She giggled, and shrugged when Dohom looked at her questioningly. Kel was fearsome in his feral cat form, but Chirak won the duel. “Bite him now, Kel!” yelled Mabon, and again Dohom looked at her.

After a time, the party seemed to wind down, and their friends said their goodbyes, and well-wishes for the babies. Mabon gave Garnil a kiss on the cheek, thanking him for coming. It was an honor, indeed.

“Well now,” he said, taking a step back. Mabon thought she saw a hint of color rise in his face, and tried not to giggle. “Captain, Mabon, be well.” He nodded and strode off.

Kelandros walked to the dresser, and began changing out of his gear. “I’m tired, love. Let’s get some sleep.”

“Um, we seem to have a leftover.” Mabon nodded towards the dwarf, Arcadon, who had fallen asleep on the balcony.

Kel looked over at him. “I know how to wake him.”

Mabon’s eyes grew large. “No, Kel, you can’t push him off!”

Kelandros laughed heartily, and the dwarf woke. “See? Problem solved!”

The small man rose, and shook himself, apologizing for dozing off. He said his goodbyes hurriedly and ran off.

“Now, May. Time for sleep.” Kel gathered his wife in his arms, and kissed her tenderly.

“Kel… darling… I … um… don’t think we’ll be getting much sleep.” Mabon looked at him and grinned.

Kel’s eyes grew dark, and he smiled. “Well, if you’re not tired…” his voice trailed off suggestively.

“No, it’s not that… I mean… I think it’s time.”

“Time for what?” he replied, grinning at this new game.

“Time for dragons, darling.”

Kel stood there, as the words sank in. “Are you sure? How long? Now? Dragons?” his voice held a hint of panic.

Mabon nodded slowly. “Yes, Kel. I’m sure. Ever since that Tauren arrived. I didn’t want to say anything to spoil the party.”

Kel looked flustered, and started pacing, waving his arms. “I’ll need the mid-wife and my mother, and what else? Lie down… no… what?”

Mabon giggled. She had never seen her strong, powerful husband so flummoxed before.

“Kel… calm down, darling. Go and fetch the mid-wife. I’ll be fine until you get back.”

He grabbed her and kissed her, then grinned broadly and ran off, shifting into travel form as soon as he cleared the balcony.


Nesting July 15, 2007

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Mabon swept the floor of the loft, then drew water and started scrubbing. The wood planks gleamed in the filtered light of Darnassus. She pushed the dresser, using her back, to the opposite wall. Standing back to look at the results, she decided that it looked better back where it was, and so she pushed it back again. Mabon moved the table and chairs closer to the front of the loft, and then back again. She couldn’t figure out how to arrange the furniture for the best place for the crib.

Sighing, she sat down for a snack, but merely nibbled. Instead of being ravenously hungry as she had been since she first discovered she was with child, she could barely eat. Her back hurt, but she couldn’t stop cleaning. The dragons had been unusually quiet for several days. The priestess had said everything was normal; it was just that the babies were getting ready. Mabon was more than ready. She waddled everywhere, and rarely wore shoes at it was too difficult to get them on.

To complicate things, Jorach Ravenholdt had summoned her up to see him. She had made the journey, carefully, letting Nimbus walk most of the way. He wanted her to retrieve a bag from a furlbog shaman up in Azshara. Mabon agreed, but said it would have to wait until after the babies were born. He was not pleased, but it was obvious she could not make the journey as she was. So, she had returned home, and started cleaning.

She looked around and admired her handiwork. There was finally a space for the crib on the back wall, and the entire loft was spotlessly clean. But Mabon herself was now filthy. She bathed, and put on the new dress she had found. It was snug, but still fit. As she was brushing her hair, Kelandros came home.

“Hello, love. I’ve missed you.” He came up behind her and kissed her neck.

She turned to face him, they both laughed when they found they could no longer reach each other around her belly. He moved around to her side and embraced her again. “It won’t be long now, will it?” He leaned his head down, breathing in the scent of her hair, kissing her neck again. He groaned softly, pulling her closer to him. “You are so beautiful, May.”

She wrapped her arms around him, knowing this would be one of the last times they would be alone together in this loft. She closed her eyes, enjoying his touch, and let herself melt into his arms.


Pirates! July 8, 2007

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The Guild was hosting a Pirate Party, and everyone was to come in costume. Mabon fussed and fretted and shopped for days, but there did not seem to be any large tent dresses for pirates any where! The skimpy white Swashbuckler’s shirt, and the black pants she chose did not even begin to cover her belly. Kelandros had chuckled and told her she would look fabulous, but Mabon had never seen a pregnant pirate before. Sighing, she resigned herself to the fact that it was all in fun anyway, and she would be among friends.

She struggled with her boots, then slipped on a gown for the trip to the party. No need to show her belly to all of Kalimdor! Mabon had not seen Kel yet in his costume and her heart raced at the thought. They were to meet down in Theramore, where Aska had rented out one of the docked boats for their party.

When she arrived, she took off the gown, and put on the Blood Elf bandit mask Kel had given her. “C’mon, Mouse. Let’s go to a party! But remember… don’t eat anyone’s parrot!” She giggled at her pet as he looked at her and meowed. Sometimes she was sure he understood every word.

At the dock, standing at the top of the gang plank was the most handsome man Mabon had ever seen. A dashing night elf in a white shirt, black pants, red belt and an eyepatch! A parrot was flying around his legs. The partygoers were all being asked questions before they were allowed on board. Mabon approached, grinning under her mask.

“You must answer three questions! First, are you single?”


“Are you married, then?”

“Yes, very happily so.” Mabon giggled.

“Would you like to get together later?”

“With you? Oh, yes!”

Kel winked at her, and moved so she could come aboard ship.

Her friends were all there, in various costumes. Mabon giggled at the fact that Aska didn’t look much different from her usual outfits, except for the pirate boots. When Commander Thunderman arrived, he gave his name to Kel as Admiral Savage. He looked quite fearsome in his black shirt and Admiral’s hat. Mabon had never seen him out of armor before.

There was much revelry aboard ship. Drinking and dancing, even a costume contest was scheduled for later. Mabon was happy to be part of such a wonderful guild family, and happy to be able to relax and enjoy herself, surrounded by her friends.


Too Early for Dragons July 4, 2007

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“Mabon! What is it?” Aska was by her side in an instant. “Ell, go get Dohom and Legon. I need them.” Ellassar nodded, and ran.

“It’s the dragons. Something’s wrong.” Mabon moaned.

“Let’s get you to the bed,” Aska said, but Mabon did not move. With natural strength and grace, the Kaldorei woman picked up her small friend, gently placing her on the bed. “Do you want some water?”

Mabon nodded, and Aska found the flask of bubbling water Mabon liked so much, pouring her a small cupful. She held Mabon’s head, helping her to sip the water.

Dohom and Legonidas raced in, breathless. “What is it? Are the babies getting born? What do we do?”

Aska glared them into silence. “Fetch a priest. Now.”

“Elindiliss. She ….” Mabon cried out in pain again, unable to finish her sentence. When she could breathe again, she asked Aska, “Where’s Kel? I need Kel…”

“Shh… Stay quiet, Mabon. He’ll be back. He said he would.” Aska found a cloth, wetting it and placing it on her forehead. Quietly, she said “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Dohom and Legonidas paced in opposite directions, having sent word out for every priest they could find. “I’ve got one coming from Phalanx, “ said Legon, mentioning the name of a large guild. “Mine’s from Brotherhood of the Blade,” countered Dohom.

“Edrick’s not a priest,” mumbled Mabon, recognizing the name of her friend’s guild.

“No, not Edrick. A priest,” Dohom repeated, trying to make her understand, but Mabon was not thinking clearly.

“Elindiliss… I need her. Where is she?” Dohom and Legonidas looked at each other, then raced off again, towards the Temple of the Moon.

“What has happened here?” the tall stern woman asked when she arrived. She went straight to Mabon’s bedside and placed her hands on Mabon’s belly.

Aska turned pale, frightened for her friend. “We were arguing, it was my fault, and she collapsed in pain.”

Elindiliss raised her eyebrow. “She was supposed to be taking it easy, after her behavior the other day.” To Mabon, she said, “How often are the pains?”

The midwife priestess concentrated, then cast several healing spells on Mabon. She turned to Aska. “She needs to be kept quiet. The pains will subside soon. This is brought on by stress. If she is not careful, it will happen again, perhaps with the babies coming too soon. I will check on her in the morning.” Elindiliss turned and left without another word.

Aska changed the cool cloth on her friend’s forehead, fretting over her own role in this. Dohom and Legonidas, once again pacing on the balcony, spied Kelandros coming up the path. The boys raced off again, fetching him home.

Kel raced to her side, a look of frantic worry on his face. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Kel! You came back!” Mabon moaned again, softer this time as the pains eased.

Aska pulled Kel’s sleeve, and they moved away from the bedside. She quickly filled him in on the evening. His worried look deepened, and he sat on the edge of the bed, beside his beloved wife.

“Sven… he betrayed me…” Mabon murmured, almost asleep.

“Shh… my love. Quiet now. You’re safe, and I’m here.” He stroked her hair tenderly. Aska corralled Dohom and Legonidas, suggesting it was time they all went home. The pair bowed respectfully towards Kelandros, and took their leave. Aska took a last look at her dear friends, and headed off as well. Kelandros stayed next to Mabon, keeping watch as she slept.


Storytime July 3, 2007

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Mabon made her way slowly to the Warrior’s Terrace. She was on her way to meet a new guild member, a rather shy young woman, a druid. In fact, she was so shy, the first time Mabon met her, the woman stayed in her cat form the entire time! Word quickly spread through the guild channel that the new member, Xisa, was in Darnassus, and several others came to meet her, including Kelandros, always eager to meet druids in training. Mabon noticed that Xisa seemed ill at ease, surrounded by all of the guild members and the Darnassus Sentinals, and the crowds of people bustling about.

“Perhaps we should move this gathering to our home, Kel. We’ll be more comfortable there.”

Kel nodded, and led the way. Mabon summoned Nimbus, as it was easier to ride than walk these days. She kept him to a slow pace, and trailed behind the rest of the party. At the loft, Mabon welcomed everyone to their home, and joked with Dohom that yes, they would need a railing on the balcony soon, and did he want to build it? His brother, Legonidas, Casyl, and Xisa all seemed to be enjoying themselves, much to Mabon’s relief. Somehow, her parties always seemed to go wrong somewhere along the way.

When Kelandros stood to leave, saying he had some Guild business to take care of, the look of disappointment and despair on Mabon’s face was painfully obvious. He bent to kiss her on the cheek, and whispered, “I will be back soon, my love. I promise.” Mabon looked in his eyes and smiled, relaxing again.

Aska and Ellassar arrived, and Mabon stiffened up again. She always felt a bit awkward around Ellassar, since he was the one that delivered the news of Kel’s brush with death. But this time it was Aska that made her uncomfortable. She felt betrayed by her friend, even though she knew, deep down, that Aska was right: her behavior had been horrid.

Dohom and Legonidas were telling a story of their boat ride earlier. They each told part of the story, switching off back and forth like a mechanical storyteller, but each embellished his own part to his best advantage. Mabon loved listening to their banter most times, but tonight, the quick pace and friendly arguments grated on her nerves.

“Boys, please, you don’t need to argue, do you?” Mabon’s voice showed her rising irritation. They protested in union, speaking over each other. “Boys! Please!” Her shrill tone brought the entire conversation to a halt.

Ellassar nudged Aska. “Your turn, babe. Tell us a story.” He winked at Aska, then looked at Dohom, grinning smugly.

“Ok, let’s see… Um… “

Mabon jumped up. “Why don’t you tell everyone the story about me having a couple of drinks and swimming naked with Archy! That one seems to be your favorite one to tell!” The words blurted out of Mabon, almost on their own accord.

Dohom and Legonidas exchanged glances, and muttered something about it being time to go. Casyl and Xisa did the same, excusing themselves quietly. Ellassar grinned broadly, and said “Now this ought to be good.” He leaned back against the wall, crossing his arms behind his head.

“Mabon… I didn’t tell Kel the first time, but he needed to know, for the sake of the babies. As for Archy, all I said was you weren’t wearing your usual suit.”

“I thought you were my friend. I thought I could tell you things without you running straight to Kel.”

“And you can.”

“You… you and your boyfriends. You have far more than Kel thinks I have!” Mabon knew this comment was unfair, and untrue, but she was lashing out in pain.

“My business is not the point. And I am not a married woman, as you are.”

“Aska, I just can’t believe…” Mabon stopped suddenly, her face pale and twisted. She collapsed to the floor, crying out in pain.


Face to face

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Unfolding the letter yet again, Mabon read the familiar script of Sven’s writing. “I’ve summat for the bairns. Meet ye tomorrow.” Mabon giggled, hearing her uncle’s voice in her head. She tucked the note away, noticing the gryphon was approaching Thelsamar. He’d been so odd when she was up in Gavin’s Brae, and Mabon was glad for the chance to see him again.

Making her way down the hill, her faithful Mouse at her heels, Mabon was enjoying the glorious weather. The dragons were wriggling, and Mabon stroked her belly. She entered the Inn, waving to Honni Goldenoat. “Have you seen my uncle Sven, Honni?”

“Not today, lass.” The woman was busy with her customers, and bustled away.

Frowning, Mabon looked around the Inn. She sat down to wait, re-reading his letter, to see if she misunderstood his cryptic message. A throat cleared next to her, and she looked up to see Bjorke. Confusion swept over her. The pair had made a truce, and Mabon had even managed to forgive Bjorke, but to see her here, now, felt off, wrong somehow, and the hair on the back of her neck stood up. She put her hand in her pocket, and grasped the handle of the rolling pin she was never without.

“Excuse me, Mabon. But, are you waiting for Sven?” Bjorke stood a few feet away, not wishing to make her more uncomfortable.

Mabon nodded slowly, keeping her eyes on Bjorke’s face.

“He’s not here. He sent me instead.” Bjorke took a deep breath. She wasn’t sure which was harder: going through with the task, or facing Mabon with the truth. “I’d like to sit down, and tell you what has happened. If you wish to call for someone else to be here, I’ll wait. But you’ve nothing to fear from me.”

Mabon wasn’t sure if she believed Bjorke, but she motioned to a seat anyway. She had many friends in this Inn, and felt safe enough. Bjorke pulled the chair out and sat down, close enough to speak quietly, but far enough to pose less of a threat. Bjorke took another deep breath. “Sven asked me to work for him again. I tried to refuse, but he’s rather insistent. I’ve spent the last three days trying to figure out how to get around this. Unfortunately, I have only two choices: Do as he wants, or tell you the truth.”

Bjorke paused, pulling out her flask. She took a look at Mabon’s face, and put it away again without drinking. By the gods, was she making the right choice? “He wanted me to gain your trust, find out all I could about your marriage to Kelandros, and find some way to drive a wedge between you, to force a split in the marriage. He didn’t tell me why, but he wants Kelandros out of your life.” Her hand went to her flask again, involuntarily, as she saw the look of pain wash over Mabon’s face.

Mabon jumped up, and began pacing, waving her arms. “I don’t believe you! Sven loves me! He was at the reception! He’d never do such a thing.” She whirled around, her eyes flaming with anger. “You! You are a liar! Why are you doing this to me again? Why… I should kill you right now… and be done with you.” Mabon pulled a dagger from her boot.

Bjorke remained seated, unmoving, her hands plainly on the table before her. “Mabon, I’m sorry. But it’s the truth.”

Something in Bjorke’s voice and eyes pulled Mabon from her fury. She dropped the dagger, fell to the floor and sobbed. Bjorke rolled her eyes, knowing how emotional the girl could be. Slowly, she walked over to her slumped figure, discreetly kicking the dagger away, and knelt down beside her. “It’s alright, Mabon. I’m sorry. We’ll tell Kelandros. He’ll know what to do.” Bjorke patted Mabon’s back, as if patting a horse, uneasy with the bond now created between them. “He’ll know what to do,” she repeated, hoping to make the words true.