Mabon’s Path

A young woman’s journey through Azeroth.

News August 16, 2007

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Life was returning to normal. Mabon spent her days caring for her babies, amazed at how much they had grown just in the short time she had been away from them. They really needed to find a new place to live before Finnall crawled right off the terrace. Arminas seemed quite content to sit and play with the toys his father had carved for him – a bear, a cat and an owl. Mabon swore that sometimes it looked as if he made them fight each other… but surely he was too young for that! When Finnall wasn’t crawling away, she loved to hit everything in sight with a wooden spoon Aelsa had given her to play with once. That spoon became a prized plaything, and Finnall was never without it, clutching it in chubby pink hands as she drifted off to sleep.


Mabon had not heard from Bjorke since before the incident. Kel had told her that Bjorke was safe, but was on a mission for the Commander, and out of reach. For the twentieth time that morning, Mabon fetched Finnall back from the edge of the terrace, and sat her down to bang on a clay pot. The noise was maddening, but it held her attention.


The sound of a slight cough, a throat-clearing, caught Mabon’s attention. She looked up to see Bjorke standing on the terrace, her hair wet, the scent of mageroyal oil almost overpowering. “Bjorke! Oh, thank Elune you are safe!”


Bjorke stiffened slightly. “I need to speak with you.” She looked over at Aelsa, who was playing with Arminas, and Aelsa gave her a glare in return. “It would be best not to speak in front of the whelps… I mean… “ Her face colored slightly. “The children.” Mabon looked at her mother, who nodded, then led the way down through the enchanter’s shop, and along to a small pond.


“We will not be disturbed here, Bjorke. It is quite private.” Mabon’s expression showed that she realized it must be serious, but still she flushed pink, as images of times spent at the pond leapt into her mind unbidden. She sat down, smoothing her dress out around her.


Bjorke stood uneasily. This task had to be done, and best done by her, but that made it no easier. “Mabon, I’m sorry.” Mabon looked up at her. It was obvious from the look on Bjorke’s face that she was sincere in her apology, perhaps for the first time in her life. The tall woman shifted from foot to foot. “I’m sorry he caused you so much trouble because of me. I never thought he was still seeking revenge after all these years. We’d worked together for a long time, so I thought he was over it. I mean… when asked me to look after you in the first place… I thought that meant he finally trusted me again. But I guess I was just the only way he knew to help you.” She paused, her hand reaching to her back pocket, but thinking better of it, left her flask alone.


“But for him to use you as bait… “ She shook her head. “I don’t think even Aelsa expected that. And she knew him better than anyone.


“I’m sorry you were stuck in that place so long. I didn’t think he would hurt you, but I wasn’t sure. I was afraid if we rushed in, he’d get desperate. I… I couldn’t take that chance. I figured you’d at least be unharmed in there. But… “ her voice trailed off.


“It’s alright, I understand. And I was safe, even if it was rather nasty there. Kel and I both agree it was the best decision. It really hurt him to leave me there, but he does see that you were right.”


Bjorke nodded, trying to get the rest of the words out. Her hand went for her flask again, but she didn’t grab it. “There’s more. I’m sorry… Mabon… I’m so sorry…. He’s dead, Mabon. I killed him.”


Mabon nodded slowly. She knew Bjorke would not have let him get away again; she had been expecting this news, as was Aelsa. She was a bit numb, and had not yet reconciled with the fact that Sven was probably her father, and yet he was willing to harm his own daughter.


The young woman stood, and hugged Bjorke tightly. “It’s alright; I know you did what you had to do.” Bjorke stood stiffly, ill at ease with the gesture of forgiveness. Mabon released her, and stepped back.


“Someday, I’d like you to tell me about why he wanted revenge. And I want you to tell me why Momma hates you so. But not now.”


“Your mother… do you want me to tell her?” Bjorke glanced towards Mabon’s loft, not relishing that task.


“No, I will. It won’t come as a surprise to her, either.” Mabon shrugged. “I think we both already knew. You just confirmed it.”


Bjorke turned to walk away, then turned back again. “If you ever need anything… anything at all…”


“I know.” Mabon smiled. Even though she was 15 years younger than Bjorke, she felt like she was the older one, comforting her friend. Bjorke looked so lost and alone.


Nodding again, Bjorke called her ram, mounted and rode off, not looking back. Mabon took a deep breath, and went to tell her mother about Sven.


A Squadron of Sentinals August 9, 2007

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More dreams swirled through Mabon’s head. Dragon babies being chased; clanking knights battling; the red-bearded dragon cackling with laughter; then finally, Elune sending a squadron of Sentinals. The Sentinals were all talking at once, calling her name. One of them sounded like her husband.


“Kel?” Mabon tried to open her eyes, but felt as if she was in a deep sleep.


Laiyne concentrated and tried to dispel the poison in Mabon’s system. Kelandros stood and channeled his healing energies over her. Mabon moaned and stirred. Kel knelt and helped her sit up.


Opening her eyes, Mabon looked around, wondering where all her friends had come from. “What… what are you doing here?”


A chorus of voices rang out at once. “…Sven…” “.. a note…” “…Rileno..” “… Bjorke…” Mabon shook her head, trying to make sense of what was happening, still groggy.


Kel spoke to her gently. “Where is Sven, love?”


“I don’t know… I saw him earlier… he gave me some water.. it tasted… odd… that’s the last I remember.”


Kel and Laiyne exchanged glances. Poisoned.


“What of Rileno? Where is he?”


“Rileno? What does he have to do with this?”


“He was in the cell next door. He heard you crying.”


“Oh! I didn’t know it was him! I must have been thinking of the twins…. Kel! The babies! Are they ok?” A look of panic flooded Mabon’s face.


“Yes, love, they are fine. They are safe in Moonglade.”


Relief washed over the new mother. “I don’t know where he is. I think I heard them take him while I was asleep… but… it’s all so fuzzy. Where is Bjorke? Why is she not with you?”


“We are not certain. She came on ahead of us. Darling, can you stand? I want to get you home.”


Mabon nodded, and allowed Kel to help her up. He gave her his hearthstone, with instructions for her to head to Moonglade.


Kel met her at the flight master, and escorted her to the Barrow Den. Mabon ran down the corridor, then scooped up Arminas and Finnall in her arms, covering them with kisses and tears of joy.


Holy Knights and Dragons August 8, 2007

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Mabon woke in the night to hear scraping and scuffling outside the cell. In the dim light, she could make out the forms of two large Worgen, dragging someone between them. The scrape of armor along the floor told Mabon the new prisoner was no rogue, so it couldn’t be Bjorke. She breathed a sigh of relief, then realized how callous that was to whomever was now trapped in that cell. She knelt, and said a prayer for the prisoner, and for Ashcrombe. Mabon prayed to Elune to watch over Arminas and Finnall, tears streaming down her face, and for Elune to help Kel save her, and finally, for Elune to grant her strength to get through this ordeal.


She raised her head, wiping her face, and noticed Ashcrombe kneeling as well. She recognized his words as meditations on the Light. Mabon waited silently for him to finish, reciting her own mediations in her head. Ashcrombe raised his head, and smiled at her. “I don’t sleep much. I find the meditations help.”


She nodded at him. “I wonder who that was?”


“A paladin, from the looks of his armor. A young fella.”


Mabon couldn’t help but think he must be connected to Bjorke some way, even though she was known for her disdain of holy knights.


She lay back down on the straw, and tried to sleep. Ashcrombe had consented to sharing the straw with her, and they had fashioned two piles on opposite sides of the cell. He had objected at first, insisting Mabon take it all, but she convinced him that her small size did not need so much straw. She had fashioned a pillow from her tabard, and pulled her cape over her against the damp chill of the dungeon.


Sleep came, and with it, dreams of her babies, flying about with dragon wings. Mabon had this dream frequently, and it amused Kel no end whenever she told him of it. But this time, the babies were being chased by a large red dragon with a long, braided beard. Just as the large dragon had Finnall and Arminas in his claws, a swift silver dragon ridden by Bjorke swooped down, and she stabbed the red dragon through the heart. She dove on her mount, flying down and grabbing the babies out of mid-air, saving them from falling.


Shocking News August 7, 2007

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Mabon stood up, drawing her shoulders back. “You are not my uncle. You are just a friend of my mother’s. Or … you were, anyway. Now I don’t know what you are.”


“Och, lassie, did ye ne’er think on it yersel’? Yer red hair, yer short stature, yer affinity for mining? Yer odd blue eyes? Yer me own daughter, ye are!” The cells rang out with his hearty laughter.


“I asked Momma about that some time ago. She says it’s not true.” Her chin lifted in defiance.


“Well, child… I’m no surprised Aelsa denies it. But it’s entirely possible that Ah’m yer dad. You know how these things work now, doncha, lass? You bein’ a new mum yersel’.” He winked at her, and Mabon gasped at him, shocked and embarrassed. Ashcrombe turned his head away, so as not to humiliate her more.


“Now, Ah’m right sorry but Ah’ve got t’ keep ye locked up here fer a bit. She’s no likely to come t’ me on her own, so Ah needed a bit o’ bait, so t’ speak. Is there anythin’ ye need, lass? Can Ah get ye summat? Stout? Ye want some o’ my homebrew? Now yer no wi’ child ye’ll be wanting some, right?”


Mabon stared at him in disbelief. She shook her head. “No, Sven. I want nothing from you, except my freedom. Let me out.” It took all of her courage to remain stoic.


“Now, lass. Ah cannae do tha’ just yet. Not until she comes.”


“Who? Momma? Who are you waiting for?”


Sven looked around, as if there might possibly be a spy hidden in the depths of the dungeon. He leaned towards the bars. “Why, her, o’course… Bjorke. That dirty, good for nothing, double crossing, drunken slattern! Tha’s who!” His laughter filled the cells once more, as he turned and left his prisoners alone.


Mabon slumped down to the floor again, her strength drained. She wanted to cry, but didn’t even have the strength for tears. Ashcrombe shifted uneasily, and cleared his throat, reminding her of his presence. Mabon looked up at him, suddenly remembering she was not alone. She blushed deep crimson.


“It’s alright, m’lady. I’m not one to judge others.” He smiled gently. “That was quite a bombshell he dropped on you.”


She nodded, but more than his declaration of his paternity, his admission that he was trapping Bjorke stunned her. Mabon thought that they had been long-time associates. She knew that Bjorke had chosen to go against Sven, when he wanted to break up her marriage… or whatever his plan had been. But certainly that wasn’t enough to …. Mabon shook her head again, all the thoughts swirling through her aching head.


Shadowfang Keep August 6, 2007

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Mabon headed for Loch Modan. The Commander had promised to make a mechanical squirrel if she supplied the copper, so she was out looking for mines. She decided to stop into the inn and get some supplies. She turned the corner, and stopped short. Sven! Her heart leapt to see her beloved uncle, then nearly stopped as his treachery came flooding back. Sven saw her seconds after she saw him, and came running towards her, yelling her name.


Screaming, Mabon ran from the inn, with Sven close behind her. She sprinted as fast as she could, but he was just as fast. Mabon headed for the loch, and called for help over the guild communications. Stormwalker, a young druid new to the guild, heard her. Mabon managed to yelp out her location before Sven grabbed her, clasping his hand over her mouth.


He was small, but very powerful. Sven spoke into a communications device, and seconds later, they were both summoned. When they arrived, Mabon saw a fireplace with a wreath above it, then her world went black.


She awoke, stiff and with a horrid headache. Sitting up, she looked around. She was in a cell, with bars across the opening, straw on the floor, and a man sitting in the corner.


“Oh, good. You’re awake. I’ve been a bit worried about you.” He smiled at her, but did not move. Mabon scooted away from him, pushing herself across the floor until she hit the wall at the back of the cell. “My name is Ashcrombe. I am a prisoner here, like yourself.” He remained seated and still.


“Where… where are we? What is this place?” Mabon was close to panic as she looked around the cell.


“It’s called Shadowfang Keep. I won’t hurt you, Miss. I value my life and that dwarf said he’d let the worgen rip me limb from limb if I so much as came near you.”


“My name is Mabon Stormrage. That dwarf… is… um… my uncle. Well, not really my uncle…. “ Mabon’s voice trailed off and she began to sob. “Oh… Kel… where are you?” She lay back down on the floor, weeping.


Ashcromb watched her cry, hoping the dwarf would not come back and think him responsible. He was stiff from not moving for so long, but did not dare change positions. Not with the worgen so close outside the cage.


Sven appeared outside the bars. “Mabon, lass?” he called softly. Mabon jerked her head up, her eyes full of terror. “Ah’m so sorry, lassie. Ah didne mean fer this t’ happen. This was all set up fer her, no’ you. But you surprised me an’ Ah had to act. If ye’ll let me, Ah’ll try t’ explain it all t’ ye.” Sven was obviously upset, as his accent was quite thick. Mabon sat up as he spoke, wiping the tears from her face. Who did he mean… “her”?


“Let me go, Sven. Please… don’t keep me here.”


“Ach, lassie, jes’ let me tell ye what’s happening. Ah ne’er meant ye or yer babes any harm. Why would Ah hurt me own flesh an’ blood?” Sven stood outside the bars, his eyes twinkling, and grinned.


Back in Action August 3, 2007

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Mabon put on her battle gear. It was snug, but she could get it on. Looking in the mirror, she wondered if she looked any different than before. Could a stranger looking at her tell she was a new mother of twins? She put on her tabard over her armor, and smiled at her reflection. Mabon was so proud of her tabard, showing she was a part of such a strong, fine guild.


“Momma, are you sure you’ll be alright here with the babies? I’ll try not to be gone too long.”


Aelsa chuckled at her daughter. “We will be fine. Go have fun.”


Mabon picked up her children and kissed them, first Arminas, and then Finnall. The babies smiled up at her, goofy grins, just like their father. Mabon laughed at them in delight.


She headed for the flight master, trying not to look back at the house. Kel was meeting her in Azshara. Lord Ravenholdt had given her the task of retrieving a bag for him, from one of the Timbermaw Shaman. He didn’t want the Shaman eliminated, so she was just to pickpocket him. Azshara was a dangerous place, however, and even finding the Shaman was difficult to do.


When she delivered the bag to the Arch Mage Xylem, he said he needed some encoded fragments of his books to remove the enchantment on the bag. Back out into the wilds of Azshara, Mabon was attacked by several Timbermaw!


“What is it with you and the Timbermaw?” Kel said, grinning.


“Somehow, I don’t think it is my fault,” she replied.


“Do I have to kill them all?”


“No, darling, you’ve done quite enough!” Mabon scolded him, as they both remembered the incident on the way to Moonglade. Mabon had been working to regain their trust, but it was slow-going.


Kel was amazing to watch in action. His cat form was ferocious, allowing Mabon to regain her rhythm of fighting. She felt clumsy and awkward, unable to fight as she had. Her body just wasn’t responding correctly. She sighed in frustration. Kel shifted out of his feral form, and smiled at her, hugging her close.


“Give yourself some time, love. You’re doing fine. I’ll help you as much as you need.”


Mabon smiled up at him, nodding slightly. “I know, darling. It’s just… “ Her voice trailed off as her eyes filled with tears.


Kelandros tilted her head up, and kissed away the tears. “You will be back in the stride in no time, love. You are an amazing fighter. Trust yourself.”


She nodded again, then looked around for the next beast to go after. Her determination was back.