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A young woman’s journey through Azeroth.

Hide and Seek September 25, 2007

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“Good morning, love.” Kel smiled at the peaceful figure in his bed, her hair wildly spread on the pillow, her soft skin shimmering in the morning light.

Mabon woke to find her husband bearing a tray of breakfast. He readied the table for them, as Mabon slipped a gown on. Ravenous, she quickly sat down, filling her plate with fruit.

“Hungry?” Kel chuckled at her. Her appetite never ceased to amaze him, yet her figure was as slim as ever.

She grinned at him, blushing slightly. “Well, I had a busy night.” Kelandros was very patient and loving, and their time together bonded them more closely as husband and wife. It was a journey of discovery, and May could not wait for the next adventure.

After breakfast, they kissed their children goodbye, leaving them in the expert care of surrogate “aunts” in Moonglade. Kel led them to the lake, up to his favorite spot for diving in. Mabon slipped off the robe she wore over her swim suit, and yelled “Last one in is a rotten egg!” and raced for the edge. Kel was just a second behind her as they hit the water. He grabbed her waist as she headed for the surface, and they came up together.

“A rotten egg?” Kel’s face held confusion at her expression.

Mabon giggled. “It’s something Momma used to say when we raced.” Mabon loved to swim, and it seemed like ages since they had been in the water together. They swam, and played, then headed for the waterfall, for the secluded spot behind it. Kel wrapped his arms around May, pulling her close to keep her warm. She rested her head on his strong chest, and listened to his heart beating. Time stood still there in the dark recess.

After awhile, Mabon’s stomach rumbled, and Kel laughed. “Good thing I brought along a lunch for us, love.” She blushed as he led her up the bank to the picnic spot he had picked out.

The sunlight filtered softly through the dense trees, and glinted like gold on Mabon’s damp hair. Kel watched her as she laid out food for them both, arranging everything just so. She looked up at him and smiled, the patted the blanket next to her. Picking up a ripe berry, she held it to his lips. As he opened his mouth for the succulent fruit, May caught a glimpse of his fangs, and a shiver ran down her back.

After lunch, Mabon had an idea for a game for them to play. She knew how much her husband loved to hunt, and how much she loved to hide, so she proposed a game of Hide and Seek. “If I win and you can’t find me, then you buy me a new dress… any dress I want!” Mabon was thinking of the very expensive dress that Kel had grumbled about when she suggested she might buy it.

“And if I win?” A broad smirk spread across his face, and his eyes gleamed with mischief.

Mabon shrugged. “What would you like, my Husband?”

His voice low and husky, he said simply, “You.”

She grinned. “You wait here, and count to 30.” Once his eyes were closed, Mabon sprinted off, planning to win this merry game.


Presents and Presence September 22, 2007

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Mabon waited for Kel in the town square as he asked. She saw him coming out of the auction house, and her heart fluttered. He was so handsome and she noticed several women turn to look at him, but he only had eyes for her. As he approached her, a grin on his face, Mabon noticed he had his hand behind his back.

Smiling, Mabon said, “Hello, Husband.” It was her favorite term of endearment for Kelandros; she was still as thrilled to be married as when he first asked her.

Kel drew his hand from behind his back, and gave the wrapped box to Mabon. Her face lit up, and he grinned wider. He loved giving her presents, just to see the look on her face.

She took the box, and shook it, listening to the rustling sound it made. “Shall I open it now, or later?” Before he could answer, she tucked the box in her bag. “Later.” Kel chuckled at her. She certainly knew how to make the most of a simple gift.

“I have the outfit you bought me in my bag,” she blushed. Her guildmates teased her about how much clothing she had, but in truth, Kel had given her many of the outfits. He nodded, his mouth suddenly dry, and motioned for her to follow him. He led her up to a quiet spot, overlooking a waterfall.

Mabon slipped on the outfit: a short leather top, and very short pants, barely more than a loincloth. “I can’t believe this is armor! I could never wear this out and about!”

Grinning, Kel said, “You could if you were less modest, love. But then, there would be too many men that I’d have to kill. So perhaps it’s just as well you don’t.”

Her blush colored not just her face, but spread down her chest as well, much to Kel’s delight. “No, Husband. This is for you alone.”

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently. “And I am a very lucky man, indeed. Now, open your other present. I want to see that one on you, too.”

Mabon dug through her bag, and pulled out the box, shaking it again. She ripped off the paper, and pulled the box open. “Oh, Kel! It’s beautiful!” She held the shimmering white dress up to herself.

Kel smiled at her, happy she liked her present. It was getting harder and harder to find a dress she didn’t already own. “Put it on, love.” He stood, and turned around, knowing how shy she was, even with him.

Mabon slipped off the leather armor, and pulled the silky dress over her head. It fell in soft folds around her feet, hugging her body perfectly, as if custom made. “Ok, darling, you can look now.”

Turning to face her, Kel looked at his beautiful wife. She could wear a sack and still look good, or as he often told her, wear nothing at all. In two steps, she was in his arms again.

“Thank you, Kel. It’s so lovely… and so soft!”

“Only the finest for you.” He ran his hands over the fabric. “Yes, it is soft. You know, this would look even better up in Moonglade. It’s been awhile since I’ve been up there.”

“Oh, Kel! Yes, there would be plenty of people around to look after the children, and you and I could spend some time together!” It had been a long time since they had been alone for more than just an hour or two.

“I’ll make the arrangements, then, love.”


LF Feral Druid for Adventure and Shopping September 18, 2007

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“Feel like an adventure, love?” Kel put his arms around her, hugging her from behind. His voice was deep and husky, and Mabon wondered just what kind of adventure he had in mind.

“With you, husband? I’d love to!”

“I have some business with some elves holed up inside a place called Dire Maul. It is quite dangerous to get to them.”

Mabon grinned. “I’ll keep you safe, my darling. Don’t worry!” She turned in his arms and kissed him, then pulled away to ready her gear.

As they headed up to the main building in Feralas, they saw a pair of ogres, huge and smelly, guarding the entrance. Kel shifted into his feral cat form, and signaled Mabon to see if she could stun one of the ogres, so they could attack the other. Mabon knew he was quite capable of taking on these two by himself, but she did need the practice. She slipped into shadow, and crept up behind one, hitting him hard on the back of the head, dazing him. Kel attacked the other, and Mabon slipped behind that one to get him, too. That job done, they rounded on the other, dispatching him quickly as well.

Together they made their way towards the inner sanctum, where the elves were. Several times, Kel attacked, and Mabon just stood and watched, forgetting to jump in. He was truly magnificent to see in action. She loved watching him – the way his muscles rippled under his sleek, black fur, the slashing of his claws, his snarls and growls. It was fascinating to her, how different he was from humans, being able to change form.

There were times when his voice reminded her of his fighting forms: the way he spoke when he was angry, or when just woken up, or when he was deep in the throes of passion. Mabon giggled at the thought, and realized she needed to catch up to him.

Kel bought the items he needed, and showed Mabon around the library. The musty smell kept making her sneeze, and the books were all in Darnassian, and she quickly became bored. He chuckled at her, and asked what she would rather do instead. Mabon’s eyes twinkled as she told him she had a new outfit. His voice took on that husky tone that reminded her of his feral side as he suggested she change here in the library.

“These librarians are quite busy with their books. They will pay no attention to us.”

Mabon looked around, blushing furiously, but nodded. She slipped behind a bookcase to change, then showed Kel her new outfit. It was more like a swimsuit than armor, but Aska had said that many priests and mages did in fact wear this mageweave set in the field.

The look on Kel’s face told her that he liked her outfit very much. With the quickness of his cat form, he took her in his arms, and kissed her deeply. A noise came from deep in his throat, and Mabon felt a thrill down her spine. She couldn’t help but feel the grand adventure was about to begin.


The Semi-Annual Azerothian Fashion Show September 13, 2007

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Tel’Anar Mi’Stradel had organized the event, and all the models were gathering outside the Temple of Elune. She went over the categories to determine which models would be in each. The Battle Gear category seemed rather popular, however, Mabon did not yet have a matching set of armor. She did have the Stormshroud chest piece and pants that Kel had made her, and although she loved the way it looked, she did not have the full matching set.

Mabon asked sheepishly if they were allowed to model more than one outfit per category. Tel’Anar tried to hide a smile, and answered that if time permitted, then yes. Mabon looked around to find all eyes on her.

“Just how many bags of clothes do you have, Mabon?” asked Lady Fallon.

“Um, just five, oh, and um… Momma holds onto a few things for me, too. But don’t tell my husband! I told Kel it was just three bags.” Mabon blushed and grinned.

“What was that, my love?” Kelandros strode up to the staging area, smiling at his wife.

“Nothing, dear. Just talking about dresses.”

“Of course! I should have known.” He chuckled.

Mabon hugged her husband, then pulled him over to a secluded area. “Kel, I brought my swim suit to wear for the show, but I wasn’t sure if you thought that was ok.”

A look flashed over Kel’s face as he thought of her in the swim suit. “As long as I am the one you go home with, my love, I have no objection.”

Mabon giggled and hugged him. “Of course, husband. Now, turn around and block the view as I change.”

Just then one of the other models appeared, a male dwarf. “This area is occupied.” Kel nearly growled at the man, who quickly trotted off.

Slipping on her first outfit, Mabon said, “Thank you, darling. I knew I could count on you.”

Finally, it was time for the show to start. Kel had chosen a seat near the stage, in front. The judges were lined up on the other side of the walkway. Tel’Anar announced each model in turn, and they walked down the walkway, turned and walked back to the stage. Lady Fallon said she was very nervous, but Mabon thought she was so beautiful that everything she wore looked amazing. Her natural grace showed as she glided down the walkway.

When it was Mabon’s turn, Kel caught her eye and winked, and Mabon’s smile lit up her face. She did love wearing pretty clothes, but Kel was definitely her favorite audience. She didn’t even hear the applause or cheers of the crowd, thinking only of her handsome husband.


Fashionably Late September 12, 2007

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The bed, table, chairs and floor were covered in clothes. Mabon tried to sort her outfits out, but Finnall and Arminas kept snatching things and racing off with them. How was she ever going to get things in order in time? The Fashion Show started at 7 pm. It was after 5, now, and Mabon had to be there early for rehearsal. Askashia had told her about the show, knowing how much Mabon loved showing off her dresses. Mabon had volunteered to be a model right away.

She held up her swim suit and bit her lip. Would Kel object to her wearing this in public? She packed it in her bag, making a mental note to ask him before the show. Finally, two more outfits went in the bag, for the Casual category. For Formal Wear, she debated between her Elegant dress, that she had worn for her wedding, or the Silver Dress robes. The Elegant dress had looked white up in the moonlight of Moonglade, but here in Darnassus, it showed it’s true pink color. As beautiful as the dress was, it just didn’t look right with the white hood and cape. Sighing, she put it back in the dresser, hoping she would have an opportunity to wear it soon.

Now, for the Unusual category, she had just the outfit in mind! Since she and Kel had honeymooned on a farm, she had picked out an outfit that would work: blue overalls, an orange mageweave shirt, brown boots, and of course, her pet pig, Pinky. He really was the perfect accessory.

But… where was the shirt? She hunted through the piles of clothes for several minutes, before a flash of orange color caught her eye. “Arminas, sweetie! That is not a hat!” She giggled and smiled at her son, giving him a bit of silk cloth to play with instead, and gently removed her shirt from around his head. Shaking the wrinkles out, she smoothed the shirt then folded it neatly to go in the bag on top of the dresser, out of reach of curious fingers.

Shoes! Mabon bent down and fished under the bed for her sandals to wear with the Formal gown. She pulled out one, and looked at it, puzzled. Where was its mate? She looked under the bed again, then glanced around the room.

“Finnall! Don’t throw that….” She sighed. Ever since she and Momma had built the railing on the terrace, Finnall delighted in throwing things off. She scooped up her daughter, holding her over her head, grinning. “Whatever am I going to do with you?” Finnall gave her a grin in return, showing off her new teeth.

“Drop something, my love?” Kelandros appeared on the terrace, with a shoe in his hand. He smiled at the scene of pure chaos in his home. “I see you’ve had a bit of help getting ready. How about I take them down to the pond, and give you some peace.”

Mabon placed Finnall in her father’s arms, and kissed Kel. “Thank you!” She ran to get Arminas, who had put the silk cloth over his head, and was trying to climb onto the table blindly. Practically tossing him to Kel, she took a deep breath, hands on her hips, and tried to organize her thoughts. Kel chuckled at his wife, kissed his children, and headed out.

She picked up a few more outfits, and put them in her bag. A quick bath, and slipping her red festival dress over her head, she picked up the bag and raced towards the Temple of Elune, hoping she wasn’t terribly late.