Mabon’s Path

A young woman’s journey through Azeroth.

Hide and Seek September 25, 2007

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“Good morning, love.” Kel smiled at the peaceful figure in his bed, her hair wildly spread on the pillow, her soft skin shimmering in the morning light.

Mabon woke to find her husband bearing a tray of breakfast. He readied the table for them, as Mabon slipped a gown on. Ravenous, she quickly sat down, filling her plate with fruit.

“Hungry?” Kel chuckled at her. Her appetite never ceased to amaze him, yet her figure was as slim as ever.

She grinned at him, blushing slightly. “Well, I had a busy night.” Kelandros was very patient and loving, and their time together bonded them more closely as husband and wife. It was a journey of discovery, and May could not wait for the next adventure.

After breakfast, they kissed their children goodbye, leaving them in the expert care of surrogate “aunts” in Moonglade. Kel led them to the lake, up to his favorite spot for diving in. Mabon slipped off the robe she wore over her swim suit, and yelled “Last one in is a rotten egg!” and raced for the edge. Kel was just a second behind her as they hit the water. He grabbed her waist as she headed for the surface, and they came up together.

“A rotten egg?” Kel’s face held confusion at her expression.

Mabon giggled. “It’s something Momma used to say when we raced.” Mabon loved to swim, and it seemed like ages since they had been in the water together. They swam, and played, then headed for the waterfall, for the secluded spot behind it. Kel wrapped his arms around May, pulling her close to keep her warm. She rested her head on his strong chest, and listened to his heart beating. Time stood still there in the dark recess.

After awhile, Mabon’s stomach rumbled, and Kel laughed. “Good thing I brought along a lunch for us, love.” She blushed as he led her up the bank to the picnic spot he had picked out.

The sunlight filtered softly through the dense trees, and glinted like gold on Mabon’s damp hair. Kel watched her as she laid out food for them both, arranging everything just so. She looked up at him and smiled, the patted the blanket next to her. Picking up a ripe berry, she held it to his lips. As he opened his mouth for the succulent fruit, May caught a glimpse of his fangs, and a shiver ran down her back.

After lunch, Mabon had an idea for a game for them to play. She knew how much her husband loved to hunt, and how much she loved to hide, so she proposed a game of Hide and Seek. “If I win and you can’t find me, then you buy me a new dress… any dress I want!” Mabon was thinking of the very expensive dress that Kel had grumbled about when she suggested she might buy it.

“And if I win?” A broad smirk spread across his face, and his eyes gleamed with mischief.

Mabon shrugged. “What would you like, my Husband?”

His voice low and husky, he said simply, “You.”

She grinned. “You wait here, and count to 30.” Once his eyes were closed, Mabon sprinted off, planning to win this merry game.


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