Mabon’s Path

A young woman’s journey through Azeroth.

Behind the avatars April 25, 2007

 Obviously, this page needs to be updated! Yes, the Mischief and Mayhem podcast is going strong! So, give us a listen.

I should probably update my character stats, too.

Blackwater Raiders:

Bjorke, lvl 66 human rogue

Mabon, lvl 52 human rogue

Finnal, lvl 12 NE warrior

Izzivuolu, lvl 24 BE hunter


Yes, there is a podcast coming! After much prodding, cajoling, arm-twisting… nah… I just wanted to! So… watch for more details coming soon.

In the mean time, feel free to listen to me as I made guest appearances on other podcasts. Episode 8 of Roleplay Tavern And in the current episode, #26 of The Elf and Dwarf


I have been playing World of Warcraft for nearly a year now. I started characters on the Norgannon PvE realm, but all along, I knew my characters were “real” and I thought how they thought, quested how they would quest, interact with others as separate personalities, without actually “roleplaying” like on an RP server. In fact, I made several friends while playing my male warrior, Mingus, who had no clue that I wasn’t a guy. One friend was so weirded out when he found out that he never spoke to me again!

When the podcast The Instance started a guild on the RP server Earthen Ring, I was right there! Blood Elf Salome was a complete flirt, who listed her professions as skinning, mining and gold digging. The guild was great, but it just wasn’t the right fit for me. Not long after, The Elf and Dwarf podcast hosts joined an existing guild, so I rolled a female rogue named Mabon, and looked them up. I’ve had more fun this past month roleplaying than I had the entire year before!

My characters, Mabon, and now Bjorke, brought over from Norgannon, have taken on lives of their own, each in different ways. I started this blog so that I could write my adventures down, and share them with others. I hope you enjoy reading, because I’m having a ball writing them!

My characters in WoW:

Earthen RingSalome, lvl 14 Blood Elf hunter has moved…

Blackwater Raiders

Bjorke, lvl 57 human rogue

Mabon, lvl 26 human rogue

Izzivuolu, lvl 15 Blood Elf hunter (formerly known as Salome)

I have also created characters for the minor parts in my current storyline. Yes, Stenholm, Aelsa and Uncle Sven all exist!


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