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A young woman’s journey through Azeroth.

Desolation October 21, 2007

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As Mabon headed for Desolace, she had mixed feelings. It was good to be back in the field again, however, this area was not her favorite. She never could understand why Bjorke liked it so much. There was good mining to be found, and work to be done, so that made it the logical choice.

With the twins settled into a routine with their nanny, Mabon was free to do as she pleased. Although she would prefer to spend time with her husband, he had been very busy lately, and was unable to accompany her.

Mabon kept busy, mining ores, helping to find lost items for a dwarf in the Explorer’s League, but felt ill at ease. Was it just the gloomy place? Was it her own loneliness? Momma had always told her to listen to those uneasy feelings, but Mabon pushed them aside and went about her work.

“Come on, Mouse. Let’s go exploring.”